Richard Wiese

explorer and scientist has taken him across the globe. He has

traveled to the highest, lowest, hottest, and coldest places on Earth

and has learned how to survive in the extremes. In his expeditions

he has developed a treasure trove of techniques that apply not

only to the world’s most rugged places but to your own backyard.

In his talk, Richard will speak about how he applies his knowledge

of surviving in the world’s most extreme climates to his life in New

York City. Want to beat the heat this summer? Richard will tell you

how he stayed cool in Ethiopia and how to apply these, and other,

techniques to your life in the city.

Richard Wiese, author of


Club’s hundred-year history. As an Emmy-winning journalist,

outdoorsman, and respected field scientist, Wiese has traveled to

all seven continents. He has tagged jaguars in the Yucatan jungles,

led an expedition to the Northern Territory of Australia to probe

the Aboriginal myth of the Rainbow Serpent, co-discovered 202

new forms of life in the first microbial survey of Central Park in

NYC, and founded the Central Park “Bio Blitz”: 24 hour catalog

of all life forms in the park. He was a team member of the largest

medical expedition ever conducted on Mt. Everest, achieved the

first ascent of an unclimbed mountain in Alaska, discovered 29 new

life forms on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, and cross country skied to

the North Pole. He has climbed and sampled the most geologically

unique volcano in the world, Tanzania’s Oldonyo Lengai during a

recent eruption, completed two expeditions to Antarctica to core

glaciers for climatology studies, trekked down the deepest canyon

in the world, the Colca Canyon in Peru, and participated in the

Yeronisos Island Expedition, an archaeological dig in Cyprus to

find the birth temple of Caesarion, the son of Cleopatra and Julius

Caesar. Most recently he traveled to the hottest place on earth in

Ethiopia to attempt to extract fragments of DNA from molten lava

to look for evidence of microbial life in conditions never thought

able to support life.

In 2006 the American Museum of Natural History Expeditions

named Wiese an Explorer in residence. He was honored at the

2005 Boy Scout National Jamboree, where he addressed 90,000

people and had a camp named after him. By invitation of King

Mohammad VI, he was the U.S. representative to the Moussem de

Tan Tan, a gathering of 45,000 nomadic Arabs in Morocco, and

he received a Special lifetime achievement award by the Science

Museum of Long Island. As a journalist, he has received numerous

honors, including an Emmy, a Genesis Award, an Associated

Press Folio Award, and a Golden Halo Advertising Award for Best

Environmental/Wildlife Campaign. His articles have appeared in

countless national publications.

knows how to survive. His experience as a worldclassBorn to Explore: How To Be a Backyard, in 2002 became the youngest president in The Explorers


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